For anyone who has ever been surprised by who they are inside.

Sometimes in life we have to stop and take a deep look within ourselves. The Inside Story will encourage you to unlock your deepest emotions and allow God’s truth to penetrate your heart. This book will help you step into the freedom that comes from knowing who God created you to be. Hope will be restored as you come face to face with what it means to live your life authentically.

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“There are many leaders who seem to be flourishing, while harbouring deep secrets, who are unaware of their shadow side, who have not been willing to pay attention to their souls. Karen, as you will see in this book, is not one of those leaders. This book is a wake-up call for those of us who are tempted to avoid looking at what we most need to see.”

- NANCY BEACH, Leadership Coach, Slingshot Group
Author or Gifted To Lead, The Art of Leading as a Woman in the Church
“Karen is one of those remarkable leaders whose strength, candor and conviction are authentically and beautifully permeated with warmth, kindness and laughter.I love and respect her integrity, humility, spirituality and practicality – and how she gives herself wholeheartedly to following Jesus and serving those He places in her path. That I get to serve alongside her in this season of ministry is a privilege that is now mine. That you get to laugh and learn – to find wisdom and gain insight through her book – is an opportunity that is now yours. So don’t miss it!”


This is a beautiful book which is extremely well written and claimed my attention through its relevance from the very beginning. Karen has combined significant biblical, spiritual, psychological and personal themes into a deep challenge to each of us about 'the child within'.”



In almost every season of her life, Karen has found herself in positions of leadership which have included both pastoral and executive roles. She thoroughly enjoys all forms of communicating and has a pastoral, relational approach to leadership.

Being raised in a ministry home, she has always had a love for others. She is energised by being with people and seeing them grow and develop to their full potential.

Karen is very happily married to Mark and they have two adult children, Daniel and Katie.

Living life large is something this family has chosen to do and they love every minute of it!